Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Case Raptic Clear
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Case Raptic Clear
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Case Raptic Clear
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Case Raptic Clear
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Case Raptic Clear

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Case Raptic Clear

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  • Tested to survive 2-metre drops on concrete. Exceeds MIL-STD-810G Standard
  • Wireless Charging Compatible
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Shipping on All Orders

    Military Grade Drop Protection

    Don't let its ultra-sleek, lightweight clear frame fool you, the Raptic Clear Galaxy A32 protective case is crafted with durability in mind. Each one is tested to meet the requirements of military-grade drop protection, protecting your phone from falls up to six feet on concrete. How? Each case is built using a combination of durable TPU shell that has an interior frame of shock-absorbing DropShield polymer, so your Galaxy A32 is effectively protected against everyday bumps and dings and stays looking like new. 

    Co-molded Layer Shock Protection

    A duo of materials make the Raptic Clear Galaxy A32 protective case both fashionable and functional. It starts with a flexible TPU exterior designed for structure and overall protection, without obscuring your phones' individual style. The interior frame is lined with a special DropShield shock-absorbing polymer that extends out to through the corners of the TPU, which takes the brunt of any drops, bumps or dings without transferring them to your phone. Think of it as a deflector shield for your precious communication asset. Lastly, the rubbery TPU outlines the outer edge of the case, ensuring your buttons have protection, and you never lose your grip.


    For a limited time only, get a free Edge-to-edge Glass Protector sent with any case purchase. 


    Q: Where do I choose the size of the glass protector? 
    A: We will match the size of the phone case you bought.

    Q: Why isn't my glass protector appearing in my cart at checkout?
    A: No worries, a glass protector will be shipped together in the package
    with your order. 

    If you would like any changes to your order, please contact us at

    Brand may vary due to stock availability.

    Military Grade Drop Tested

    What does Military Grade Drop Test mean? Our cases go through rigorous product testing & development, so our cases will protect your device from drops up to 10 feet on concrete.

    Clear Polycarbonate Back Panel

    We get it - you love your new cellphone and you want to show it off, but not at the risk of endangering its protection. That's why we back our Shield cases with a clear polycarbonate panel, designed to protect your phone from impact and scratches.

    Shock Absorbing Air Pockets

    Inside our Shield case you'll find soft rubber that acts as shock absorption for falls and insulated protection, while the metal frame provides added structure and protection from the outside.

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