Leave No Trace

One of the most significant impacts we can make as individuals is reducing our consumption of single-use plastic products, since many of these products can linger in the environment for hundreds of years. With millions of phone cases ending up in landfills every year, it was imperative for us to create an alternative to help consumers avoid contributing to this onslaught of plastic. Many of our products incorporate an innovative material called EcoElement™, which ensures that they meaure up to ASTM D5511 standards and have biodegraded 22.5% in just 365 days in a common landfill environment. Leading our industry to create biodegradable products is a start, but hopefully others and other industries will soon follow.

Waste Not, Want Not

Using recycled plastic is a great way to reduce single-use plastic consumption, but may not be appropriate for all applications. Certain colors, textures, or performance characteristics may not be achievable with 100% recycled plastic materials. However, many aesthetic and performance objectives can be realized with partially recycled materials that produce outstanding results. Raptic’s line of products includes several items made from up to 70% recycled materials that contribute to sustainabilitywithoutcompromising on style, protection, durability or functionality.